23.2 - modular kitchen on two Containers ISO-20ft

Modular Kitchens with expandable sides on two Containers ISO-20ft

The modular kitchen containers with expandable sideparts of Officine Stefanuto® allows you to have a larger surface, thanks to the innovative expansion system.
Compared to normal field kitchens, the modular kitchen allows an increase in the operating space, distributing the work in two separate modules.

The containers are made entirely of aluminum, with press-folded sheets, which provide a sturdy and flexible structure for transporting with ordinary vehicles, individually. The modules have all the necessary supplies for the distribution of food with a cooking area on one module, while in the other, the arrangement of the functions of storage/conservation and cleaning of food. These containers with expandable sides are supplied with the technical specifications, described in the product data sheet, or made according to customer needs.