Structural and Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering division of Officine Stefanuto S.r.l. is able to meet the different requirements in the civilian sector, starting with the production of metal frames, railings and stairs and carefully used it to ensure the best energy savings.

The dynamics of the company make it possible to fulfil and implement any kind of requests. With 70 years of experience in carpentry and the careful selection of the best suppliers, this company is able to integrate its offer with light carpentry products.

Thanks to this experience and the trust we have in our suppliers, the company use special metals and special alloys to Design and Build memorable infrastructures that shape the environment around us.

Officine Stefanuto S.r.l. has a team with internal designers that are specialized for inspections, feasibility studies, proposals and possible improvements. These services aim to reach ever higher results, for maximum customer satisfaction.

That's why the company is highly valued by industry professionals in the Structural and Civil Engineering world as they know they can count on a truly comprehensive and quality service.