Light Metalworking

Officine Stefanuto s.r.l. is specialized in the mechanical and metalworking processing of steel, stainless steel and special metals. With the help of modern EDP systems, the company is able to respond with agility and flexibility to every customer request. From sheet metal processing to machine and system cladding to the most complex metal structures for fine mechanical projects: the applications are very diverse.

Production phases

In order to meet the steady growth of the steel market from a technological perspective, the company Officine Stefanuto s.r.l. is constantly looking for new solutions in the metalworking industry to maintain a constant quality of the final product, from the design to delivery of the finished product.

Thanks to decades of experience and flexibility in operation, the company is able to guarantee precision, reliability and punctuality for all its productions. For this reason, the market sees the company Officine Stefanuto s.r.l. as a reliable partner.