Mobile Units & Expandable Containers

Officine Stefanuto Srl has started for many years the production of systems, dedicated to the resolution of specific problems related to military or socio-humanitarian camps. For this reason, it collaborates with important organizations and associations, such as Red Cross and Civil Protection, which operate in special conditions and require functional and comfortable solutions. It is clear that such a particular sector requires experience and professionalism, to which Officine Stefanuto adds dynamism and innovation. The technological research of Officine Stefanuto Srl allows the company to be present on the market with the best products dedicated to field logistics. A range that has constantly improved over the years, reaching levels of absolute excellence.

Officine Stefanuto produces complete field systems, small and medium-sized hygiene equipment and special equipped shelters. The company, in fact, also provides the furniture items needed to complete the operation. This is why it is the only manufacturing company in Italy, able to guarantee customized products, such as expandable modules.



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