We are a continuously expanding production reality and in our products, we tell decades of experience with the passion for the production of every single project.
Our qualified staff always works in the search for the best quality and versatility to give the best to our customers for every need.

Officine Stefanuto Divisions

The company was founded in 1961, in Gruaro (VE) and has a head office of over 14,000 sq.m. of an operational area for the development of the three different areas of productive interest:

In the Industrial Sector, thanks to the specialization of technical and operational staff in the processing of sheet metal (stainless steel, aluminium, and various alloys), we can produce both with our design and on design, semi-finished or finished products, with particular attention to precision and finishing of every single project.

In the Civil Sector, the development of the carpentry works allows the production of customized technical accessories (architectural structures, stairs, external protection, etc.), metal window frames with the use of special profiles in different alloys, for private and industrial civil constructions.

In the Field Logistics Sector, we are specialized in design and construction of equipment aimed at resolving operational problems in the emergency for organizations, associations and organizations that carry out activities of Public Civil Protection and First Aid.
In this area, we are specialized in the production of shelters and light alloy containers, both monobloc and expandable type, for the construction of mobile kitchens, mobile command units, operational management, mobile laboratories, mobile restrooms, etc.

The normal collaboration with customers at an international and local level, for mechanical machining services and the design of mobile units, have led Officine Stefanuto S.r.l. to be called to supply in the international field, with particular attention to the European market, especially where high-level mechanics it is strongly present and appreciated.

Officine Stefanuto's Specialized Offices

International partners have chosen us for our service and particular attention to details: thanks to the various internal offices for Design & Development, to the specialized department for Environmental and Quality standards, to the specialized department of Installation and Maintenance teams, we can manage the entire process of Birth-Production-Delivery of the finished product.