Design & Development

Thanks to the experience gained in over 60 years of work, we decided to dedicate greater attention to the customer through our service of Design and Interior Design.

Customer requests are developed together with our staff, ensuring high levels of reliability and safety for the best possible result.

The services we offer can be grouped into three macro-categories:

  1. Mechanical Design, dedicated to the design of machines or mechanical groups.
  2. Design of carpentry, heavy and light.
  3. Industrial Design, for direct collaboration with the customer in the study and optimization of products.

Thanks to the enormous internal expertise, we can closely follow the ideas and collect the customer's indications to develop the main idea in line with its needs, define an internally designed concept and propose first prototyping of the finished product that is useful and functional to meet customer needs.

All this guaranteeing a continuous structure of the internal process: from design to development, and finally, to the realization of the finished product.

This allows us to be competitive at an international level, reducing costs and realizing projects with precise timing and with greater attention to product quality.

Thanks to all these internal functions within the company, we can guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. Nonetheless, the attitude to be at the forefront of the development and design sector, making our brand a distinctive and competitive advantage for our customers.