Our Mobile Kitchen Unit - Revisited

We have taken our classic product, which over the years has given us satisfaction and made us known for what we are in Italy and the world of emergencies, and we have proposed it to you in video format.

With a new idea, we decided to bring our module to life and turn it into a visual product! At this time, it is not possible to hold trade shows, move around to show our works or present them to customers in the company. For this reason, we have invested to re-propose it in a more accessible format to the public, that of the video, and show you the full potential of our "Mobile Kitchen Meal Distribution" module.

The module is built entirely of aluminum with the internal equipment in stainless steel, thus ensuring a sturdy and easily transportable structure on a trailer with ordinary vehicles.

The "Mobile kitchen" presents the innovative manual expandability system designed by Officine Stefanuto S.r.l. which allows you to expand the internal work area and optimize space.

The operation of the module, including the manual opening of the expandable side, takes place in about 15 minutes through a few simple operations. On the side of the expandable part, there is a window with a relative ladder to carry out the distribution of meals.

Inside, the equipment installed is "professional-type" and allows a complete production cycle ranging from preparation, cooking, up to the distribution of meals.

All the supplies installed internally are customized according to the customer's needs.