22.10 - Portable Restroom on 20ft-ISO Container

Bathroom container on 20ft-ISO dimensions, toilets and handicap area

The prefabricated Restroom Container of Officine Stefanuto Srl® can be used in various areas thanks to the flexibility of the structure and the different users. The shelter is made of aluminum with folded panels, allowing a robust and flexible structure. The shelter has all the necessary facilities inside, and is divided into 3 areas.

  • Gent's area with: 2 WC cabins and 3 urinals, 1 stainless steel sink with 2 taps;
  • Women's area with: 3 bathroom cabins, 1 stainless steel sink with 2 taps;
  • Handicap area: a single and wide cabin, adapted on the handling of a standard wheelchair, equipped with a specific toilet, hand-basin and grab bars as standard, in addition to standard accessories.

The self-supporting monobloc structure of the container allows an optimal ground fixing for mobile bathrooms, avoiding possible involuntary movements to the structure. The prefabricated Restroom Unit is supplied with the technical specifications described in the product sheet, or made according to the customer's needs.