23.20 - Mobile unit refrigerators/storage/food preparation on container ISO 20ft

Container for storage, refrigeration and food preparation

The Officine Stefanuto Srl ® refrigerated container is the best support for catering events or for storing food in emergency situations. The shelter is made entirely of aluminum and offers a sturdy and flexible structure. This function allows transport with ordinary vehicles or with international standards.

Modular furniture with "Professional" equipment:

  • 3 freezers of 700 L each, with a temperature of min. -18°/-22°C
  • 1 refrigerator of 700 L with a temperature of min. 0°/-2°C
  • 1 refrigerated counter with 2 doors and 2 drawers and a minimum temperature of -2°C
  • 1 refrigerated counter with 1 door and 2 drawers and a temperature of min. 0°/-2°C
  • 1 sink with two basins of 1000mm width with low cabinet and boiler
  • 3 cabinet tables with 1000mm width with drawers and/or doors
  • 5 wall cabinets of 1000mm width with sliding doors and shelves
  • Connecting and finishing surfaces for a continuous work surface.

The refrigerated container for the preparation and storage of food is supplied with the technical specifications described in the product sheet or manufactured according to customer requirements.